Oriol Casanovas Photographer

World Heritage Sites in Sweden

There are currently 962 special places around the world that have been awarded prestigious World Heritage status by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. They are some of the planet's most unique and significant locations and are places of both Natural and Cultural importance. The OUR PLACE project, is "the first official World Heritage Photographic databank" declared by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, and is photographically documenting the world heritage sites for posterity.

Assigned to Sweden World Heritage sites, I had been documenting Skogskyrkogården cemetery and the Royal Domain of Drottningholm with the range of Panasonic Lumix digital cameras and lenses.-- Oriol Casanovas


«This Stockholm cemetery was created between 1917 and 1920 by two young architects, Asplund and Lewerentz, on the site of former gravel pits overgrown with pine trees. The design blends vegetation and architectural elements, taking advantage of irregularities in the site to create a landscape that is finely adapted to its function. It has had a profound influence in many countries of the world»

skogskyrkogården meditation mound unesco

The design of Skogskyrkogarden is based on the mourner's experience, that is, the sadness and feelings associated with loss.

skogskyrkogården resurrection chappel unesco world heritage

Clear classicist influences in the Resurrection Chapel.

skogskyrkogården cemetery unesco world heritage

Life and death at the same breath. The romantic character of the landscape remembers the eternal cycle of existence.

skogskyrkogården meditation mound unesco

A runner climbs the long flight of steps of the meditation grove of Almhöjden.

skogskyrkogården meditation mound unesco granite cross

The immense granite cross located in the entrance welcomes the visitors at this multi-ethnic cemetery opened to all faiths.

skogskyrkogården resurrection statue woodland crematorium unesco

The resurrection statue seems to be resurrecting in the Woodland Crematorium.

Royal Domain of Drottningholm

«The Royal Domain of Drottningholm stands on an island in Lake Mälar in a suburb of Stockholm. With its castle, perfectly preserved theatre (built in 1766), Chinese pavilion and gardens, it is the finest example of an 18th-century north European royal residence inspired by the Palace of Versailles.»

drottningholm palace sweden monarchy

The Statue of Mercury (messenger of Gods) crowning the lion (symbol of power) in front of the palace of the Swedish monarchy.

drottningholm palace court theatre foyer slottsteater

Tha Royal Palace garden views from the court theatre foyer.

drottningholm palace court theatre slottsteater

The royal reception rooms in the court theatre.

drottningholm palace court theatre slottsteater

Simplicity in Drottningholm Slottsteater rooms. This theatre was built in 1766.

drottningholm palace chinese pavilion

The romantic ideal of changing primary colours from room to room is reflected in the Chinese Pavilion.

drottningholm palace guard helmet

The Drottningholm Palace deformed in a female's guard helmet.