Oriol Casanovas Photographer

A memory for Nepal

Nepalese Pioneer Poet popularly known as Adikavi (original poet) wrote these lines below. With his words he painted my feelings about the people of this great country with precision, simplicity and sincerity:

“He gives his life to cutting grass and earns little money,
he hopes to make a well for his people so he will be remembered after death,
this high thinking grass-cutter lives in poverty,
I have achieved nothing though I have much wealth.

I have neither made rest houses nor a well, all my riches are inside my house.
This grass-cutter has opened my eyes today,
my life is worthless if the memory of my existence fades away”.

On this moments of pain and suffering, please, do not forget Nepal. -- Oriol Casanovas

kathmandu buildings city family

Family life in kathmandu.

kathmandu nepali girl

After years of weak earthquakes, many buildings stood in critical conditions. The major earthquake occurred on the 25th May was expected for the last eighty years.

kathmandu durbar square

Many buildings considered as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO, as those located in Durbar Square, are today completely damaged or destroyed.

kathmandu thamel durbar square

School girls in her way to the school in the narrow passages of Thamel.

kathmandu market street rickshaw

The density of population in Kathmanadu is 20,288 inhabitants per square kilometer.

kathmandu Asan Tole market

From dawn until dusk the junction of Asan Tole is jammed with vegetable and spice vendors selling everything.

pokhara lake dawn

Dawn at Phewa Lake.

pokhara nepali girl

Pokhara was not affected by the Nepal Earthquake even though the epicenter of the Earthquake was 77 kilometres away, almost the same as it was from Kathmandu.

pokhara lake dawn

Boats for renting in Pokhara lake.

thanka avalokiteshvara bodhisatva

Traditional hand painted Thangka of Avalokiteshvara (the Bodhisatva of Compassion).

renting boats pokhara lake

A boatyard of handmade boats on the banks of Phewa lake.

nepali people ethnics

The population of Nepal is recorded to be about 26 million people, and comprises of about a 101 ethnic groups speaking over 92 languages. 

Phewa pokhara lake

Reflections in Phewa Lake.

Phewa pokhara lake sunken boat

The last rays of sun. A boy jumps from a sunken boat to another.

rural life Nepal cooking

Nepal is an impoverished country whose lack of economic development, as in many places in the world, is related to the lack of access to education. Most homes in rural areas are basically constructed from local natural resources. Besides, some kitchens are dark, unventilated and smoky. 

nepali farming economy

The lack of a "proper" network of roads is evident in the small scale local economy.

nepalese elder

Elderly are very much respected members of the community, but nowadays due to the migration of younger people from rural areas to developed countries and cities, in many rural areas older people its being isolated and deprived of appropriate care.

hinduism wanderer Saddhu Khapaudi

An hinduist wanderer Saddhu walks the Khapaudi road.

nepal gender discrimination woman

Empowerment for Women in Nepal it is a basic issue to be implemented. Laws such as positive discrimination, reservation in public service employment, etc. have been implemented to attempt to improve gender equality in Nepal.

boudhanath stupa pilgrims

The Boudhanath, the world's largest and holiest Buddhist stupa outside Tibet. It is seriously damaged due to the earthquake.

Boudhanath stupa marble kathmandu

A boy plays with a marble... and the world keeps rolling!

Boudhanath stupa kathmandu

A young Monk circles around the Boudhanath Stupa in a clockwise.

Boudhanath stupa kathmandu

Nepal is waiting for our support. "Do good, become good".